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  • Travel Photographer and Designer
  • English Peer Tutor; Research Assistant
  • CorpsTHAT Outdoor Ambassador

Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 2020 

Visual Media Major, concentrating in Creative Writing 

  • Outdoor Conservation Internships 
  • Travel and Photojournalism Assignments 
  • Landscape Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Portrait Photography 
  • Home & Real Estate Photography/Marketing Designs 


I am a nomadic storyteller with a burning passion for exploring and creating impactful art that pushes the world to become more inclusive. Authenticity is always an essential element that I include in my work to create a visually compelling message. The message itself is as important as the design and appearance, which is often untraditional and diverse.


I am eager to leap into the unknown, whether that might be a hot desert, cool rainforest, or a peak of a snowy mountain. My approach to creating memorable adventures is quite similar to how I approach my design and photography strategy. 

I am ambitious to find traveling photojournalism assignments to raise awareness of the issues regarding human rights. Additionally, I also strive to communicate the severe impact on our Earth by climate change through my silent perspective in photography. 

In May 2020, I will receive a BFA in Visual Media from School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

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